Free Sailing the Caribbean.

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  After more than 3 months in Trinidad, I needed to move to my next farming opportunity. I set sail with a female captain I met by standing around at the boat-yards. We decided to leave on a Saturday afternoon, but the breeze is too strong for our 32ft mono-hull. The waves are sideways which […]

6 weeks in a Trini Rural Farm

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After leaving Kingston, I took a flight towards the south to reach the island of Trinidad, close to Venezuela and the South-American continent. At my arrival, I was greeted by Giselle, the lady in charge of the farming program in which her family is involved. The principle is fairly simple: the family host travellers from […]

A Late-Year Letter to Santa Claus.

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27.12.2016 – Moruga, South Trinidad. Caribbeans.   Dear Santa Claus, I wanted to write you a letter from my little house of Moruga. It’s been ages since we haven’t write each other, and I know it’s my fault. I had other projects in mind… I just thought about giving you some updates since this year […]