Shit gets real in Kingston Town

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Social Experimentation in Jamaica. (30.10)   I grew up outside of cities. The rare moments I spent in big cities were as consumer, a tourist. London was an urban experience, but it was relatively safe. Kingston is a different story. Kingston is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Its geographical location between […]

A week in St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica.

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It has now been almost a week since I arrived in Jamaica. As my plane was late on departure, the people that was supposed to receive me at the airport wasn’t there anymore. My Mauritian Sim Card doesn’t work, and they do not answer the unknown number of the taxi driver. –What a mission. So […]

Who Is Rafiki | The Mixtape

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An artistic expression session based around Hip-Hop, Dub, Jazz melodies and Rebel Chants, embellished with tales of inner travels. After more than a year of conceptualization and more than 2 months of recording sessions. We are proud to present you « Who Is Rafiki | The Mixtape » The project is available on Bandcamp for 8$. Every single […]

Implosion EP – Rafiki

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Collaborating with any one who was keen to, the first EP “Implosion” was born from the work of every one, giving ideas, doing their thing, and guided by intuition. Special thanks to Elliott Y for helping me produce this EP, giving up his saturday nights to work on this project. Thanks to every supportive guy […]