Life Yard : Sustainability as Objective.

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I spent 5 weeks at Life Yard, in the middle of Kingston. Life Yard is a community of young and like-minded individuals that comes together to create a self-sustainable urban farming project, right in the middle of the Jamaican Ghetto of Downtown Kingston. The place evolved into a cultural center, a social shelter and has been […]

Shit gets real in Kingston Town

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Social Experimentation in Jamaica. (30.10)   I grew up outside of cities. The rare moments I spent in big cities were as consumer, a tourist. London was an urban experience, but it was relatively safe. Kingston is a different story. Kingston is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Its geographical location between […]

A week in St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica.

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It has now been almost a week since I arrived in Jamaica. As my plane was late on departure, the people that was supposed to receive me at the airport wasn’t there anymore. My Mauritian Sim Card doesn’t work, and they do not answer the unknown number of the taxi driver. –What a mission. So […]