Free Sailing the Caribbean.



After more than 3 months in Trinidad, I needed to move to my next farming opportunity. I set sail with a female captain I met by standing around at the boat-yards. We decided to leave on a Saturday afternoon, but the breeze is too strong for our 32ft mono-hull. The waves are sideways which makes progression impossible. We are holding a static position on the northern pick of Trinidad’s coast when the captain decides to try a new jib sail. She loses her hold on one of the lines that get caught by the wind. After running around in circle for 15 minutes trying to reach for a flying rope in the strong wind, we decide to go back to hide in a sheltered bay close by. We take a rest after trial, and wait for a calmer weather to try again.

The captain wakes me up at 2 am. The wind has dropped. We have to go. We ride for the next 17 hours in the ocean. As cooking is not an easy task on a sailing boat, we cooked everything before departure. We take 2 hour turns on the watch and reach Grenada the next night.

I spent a week on the “Isle of Spice” known as Grenada. I spent most of my time on a Stand Up Paddle talking to every captain in the bay, asking for people going north. I went to visit a little bit the country, and managed to squeeze a surf session.


Horizon 360.. ⛵️? ? Sailing Grenada to Martinique. Greet your Healings.

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I got a lift on a French boat to go to Martinique… During the crossing we saw one shark, two pack of dolphins that followed us, and we saw two turtles. I did some Couch-Surfing in Martinique before taking a Ferry to my next farming opportunity in Dominica aka The Nature Island.