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6 weeks in a Trini Rural Farm

After leaving Kingston, I took a flight towards the south to reach the island of Trinidad, close to Venezuela and the South-American continent. At my arrival, I was greeted by Giselle, the lady in charge of the farming program in which her family is involved.

The principle is fairly simple: the family host travellers from all around the world that are willing to volunteer in their farm in exchange of food and accommodation.





On November 24th I arrived at the family house where I was welcomed by Noriga’s warmest hug. Noriga (see picture) is the father and foundation of the family. He has been the lead-farmer of the village for decades, dedicating his life to his passion for nature. From the first day, he considered the other volunteers and I like his family, made his house and possession ours, and made sure we were enjoying to the fullest our “Trini” experience.

The One Family Farm is settled in a village called La Lune, in the deep south of the island. Throughout the south of the island, Noriga is known and appreciated for his easy-sharing heart and his honesty. Indeed, I have met Muslim Imams, church leaders, members of the Rastafari community and Indian people coming from far to enjoy the father’s reasoning on Sundays. As the village is far remoted from any tourist attraction in general, every local knew for sure we were Noriga’s partners and we always got treated with love and respect from his reputation.

I think what was most interesting in my stay in the rural village of La Lune was the village had for the notion of “respectable person”. I have learned a lot from the local’s knowledge of agriculture and medicinal plants. Noriga’s passion for the cultivation of nature was amazing: He would sit and laugh at a germinating plant. We were taught by example key elements of sustainability in a place where family is a collective effort from the community.


One Love to Noriga and the One Family Farm.

_Greet Your Healings.