A Late-Year Letter to Santa Claus.

27.12.2016 – Moruga, South Trinidad. Caribbeans.


Dear Santa Claus,

I wanted to write you a letter from my little house of Moruga. It’s been ages since we haven’t write each other, and I know it’s my fault. I had other projects in mind… I just thought about giving you some updates since this year felt quite busy. I finished high-school, became an adult infront of the state, played some live music with a few bands and finally recorded a hip-hop mixtape. Indeed Santa, I never liked Spanish classes at school and “Who Is Rafiki | The Mixtape” is the result of more than a year of not-paying-attention to the teacher. I wasn’t a very easy kid in those classes, but you know they were full of shit anyway right?

This year I started a long-time dream of mine consisting of traveling as a volunteer around the Caribbean’s. I spent 7 weeks in Jamaica, including 4 weeks in a dirty area, I felt like you forgot to care about the people over there. I guess you also had some other stuff also, right? I have a theory that Jamaican’s Post Office blocks the letters coming to you, Oh Santa..

But don’t worry; I was with very righteous people from a community called Life Yard. They took my safety as a very serious concern. If you ever swing by Kingston, I would recommend you the Jamnesia Surf Camp, it’s the best place to ride some good waves, chill with the Wilmot team and hear some local bands on Saturday nights.

I am now in Trinidad. You know… the small island next to Venezuela. I am working as a farmer in a local Trini Family. We plant a lot of different organic food and get to feel the local vibes. I am planning my stay in the capital where I will try to step in the music scene. I found some cool guys by this side. I did a few trips around the place and filmed everything for my new traveling documentation project: HEAL THY SELF.

I guess it gives me a mission, and I feel like fulfilling a purpose. I think we all have the right to create our own purpose… I like to say that it’s a learning process. That’s what HEAL THY SELF is about. It’s an anthem for personal entrepreneurship. But I have to admit Santa, none of those travels would have been possible without the support from the sponsors – Lively Up Yourself, DSTV, O’Neil Mauritius and all the people that just helped me along the way with opportunities. I don’t really ask you for much material gifts because I don’t like to give overtime to your elves. But if you feel like contributing to my trip you can always become a Patron at It’s a very easy process, just ask for one of the young elves for digital advices, that’s what people your age usually do.

I am doing my best to edit all the content to be frequently active, and it takes quite some work. Your support could help me and get some money to pay transports and help create opportunities.

Anyway Santa, I am glad we finally got the time to link up, and it’s cool that it happens from such a festive village in the deep south country side of Moruga.

I hope your tour of the neighbourhoods was safe, and wish you a very good year for 2017.

Much Respect Intended, Rafiki.