A foreigner in a bad area of Kingston, Jamaica.


It has now been a month since I arrived in Downtown Kingston. Although the Life Yard community was really protective and careful about my safety, I have been throughout my stay in so many different situations most outsiders won’t ever understand.


Over the last few years I have been looking for a comfort-less experience into the depth of human society. I dreamed of an experience on the other side of capitalism, where the boundaries of cultural expression of what is good and bad, right and wrong would be redefined by completely different consequences from the “system”. Most of the people I met in Downtown have a different social experience of a family structure from what I have been exposed through an occidental education, they have a different view on authority, different values on what is right and what is not based on their circumstances of life.

I felt really passionate about understanding their lifestyle and opinion. I made the decision very early in my stay to not try to influence their opinion by my point of view. My goal has never been to change anything to my standards: I am traveling to learn from them and my attitude and lifestyle has been the only mirror of my opinion. This personal mind-set included an overall agreement to other people’s opinion, and I very rarely argued my point of view to other’s acceptance of it. I would only express my thoughts to bring a fresh direction to a debate, and let to the locals the freedom to develop about it. My goal was to ask questions and learn from them, I made sure to not be a pretentious truth speaker like crusaders or colons have been in the past.

My experience as a tourist in a tourist-less area of Kingston was mind-blowing and I will need to be very conscious in the future about how I approach my stories and anecdotes from this trip to make sure they are representative of the moment. I’ll make a priority to not turn them into a bunch of chocking info from a heavy area.  At least for the respect I have for the Life Yard community doing an amazing work in the development and recognition of the potential of the local people.


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