Jamnesia – my last week in Kingston.


On my last week in Kingston, I decided to step out of the social experiment a little bit to be able to enjoy the peaceful vibe of the surf camp of Jamnesia. I got the opportunity to jam with a live band  at a Jamnesia Session happening every other Saturday. I especially enjoyed the performance of the local band Earth and the Fullness, and got to interview the lead singer Olivia.

Earth and the Fullness Facebook link : (E.A.T.F Facebook Page)

The lack of surf-able swell was really difficult personally. The first 6 weeks has been really inactive in terms of surfing, but I am glad I got to squeeze a few rides on my last week, which increased my enthusiasm for the future of the adventure a lot. I felt a very positive vibe in the surf camp, and appreciated having some chill time with Billy Wilmott, father and founder of the place, and his family. It was my first time with other travellers from everywhere around the world, and the conversations went far beyond the boundaries of a Jamaican experience.

Have a look at the video of my Jamaican Surf expedition by clicking here. 




I did a sailing course in Port Maria to be able to work on sailing boats the future of my trip, and finally took a flight to Trinidad and Tobago (a country in the south of the Caribbean), where I am now volunteering on an oganic farm in a little village in the far south of the island of Trinidad. The place I work in is called One Family Farm, founded by a 63 year old rastaman called Noriga with the help of his daughter Giselle. There are 4 other volunteers from America and Germany living in the house. Noriga takes care of his field on the very steep hill behind the village, while we work with on the daily maintenance and farming of the garden around the house.


I have to admit the love of a family and the safety of this remoted little paradise feels really warmth after the Downtown ghetto experience.


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