Who Is Rafiki | The Mixtape

An artistic expression session based around Hip-Hop, Dub, Jazz melodies and Rebel Chants, embellished with tales of inner travels.

After more than a year of conceptualization and more than 2 months of recording sessions. We are proud to present you « Who Is Rafiki | The Mixtape »

The project is available on Bandcamp for 8$. Every single released will be available for free download on Soundcloud.


  1. Entering Home

Life ain’t hard at home.

Birds fly by, smiles, winds blowing.
Smell like bliss, at the door someone’s calling.
Gone spend the day riding bikes, writing tags,
Throwing dog shit at the neighbours house.

Nothing too complexe, no filter when expressed.
Does yo mama know you out? Nah bro, she would stress.
Spent the night wondering about the girl next door.
You Remember the time she screamed when i had the score?

Mama readings books at night, healing my booboos.
Football games, no shoes, built canoes away from the views.
Are we living the life we dream of,
Are we dreaming the life we live? oh!


2. Arrow

Give me the food and let me grow.

Are we living the life we dream of,
Are we dreaming the life we live? oh !
Go around, my home town so they tell you my name.
Takes a village to raise a child, edify’s to escape.

Are we living the life we dream of,
Are we dreaming the life we live? oh!
Give me the food and let me grow.
Arrows for the goats, bullets for the people.

Now I’m just hitchhiking through crates,
escaping graves, seeking true faith, the rest’s awaits.
Are we living the life we dream of ,
Are we dreaming the life we live? oh!


3. What Is In The Mess.Age

The sounds manifested on a handle,

handle to support, to light the candle.
I see, to look, imagine and visualize.
The movement of the hooks that the beat provides.

The rythm and the bass lift up the symphonies,
The chemistry of noises looming affinities.
The brain substances affected by perspectives,
Giving thanks to the void by the end of sentences.


Then the message, caress me like bliss wind,
The sun talks to me though words coming from within.
Words bigger than world, better than worlds.
Burning herbs on unspoken words, just to feel the curl.

Nou mission, partaz lenvie aprann.
Construire ene future commun ensam.
Mix kiltir, develop l’amour ek la paix.
Mo envie trouv mo bann people emancipé

Akoz ene bann politrik pe devié nou destiné.
Nou bizin manz ar li, travail pou nou lendimé.
Cultivé, développé, envollé, sakouyé,
voyazé, mystifié, mizoté, ensam nou fer li traversé.


4. Graffiti ft King Arthur

Only fifteen at the time, spittin poetry
Escaping from family wherever the poet trips
I never went to Jah, Jah manages to get to me.
Now it seems like none of your box won’t ever suit me.

When you listen deeply to the voice inside,
You learn to read the universe, these languages don’t lie.
The line told me to never punch her that hard again.
It’s too hard to start thinking once they turn off their brain.

I don’t pull no smith and wesson.
I’m better at rolling spliff and keeping the west on.
I’m walking around the world with my backpack,
Screaming god’s news, hear it « The future is back ».

KING Arthur :

I got my paintbrush as an arm extension
Moving in rythm color and bass in the motion.
I handle your perverse curiosity with ease,
I locked your damn universe and swallowed the keys.

Balancing the shades onto canvas since six
We are the glitch of the matrix, we don’t touch that white bitch.
can’t fight against our tricks. You better revise your classics.

The story takes place in 2047,
Where i’m the thirteenth elements, shit is eloquent
Loads are called, few are chosen, words are relevent
It’s hard to keep peace inside when outside it’s fighting again.

Whatever begins needs come to an end,
Life’s a circle, forward is my only destination.
God shares, Secrets are kept by satan.
Baby to hang out you better pass the vibe rating !


FullSizeRender (3)

5. Time Ain’t Money ft ‘Dovik

Money is time, but time ain’t money.

And if they come running after yours.
You’ll just do it, but don’t trust your snickers though.
I know thieves more honest than business man.
In a crime scene, my witness are blind to deaf, damn.

Imagine a thousand kids, with a thousand guns.
This generation rules the nation.
As I lost my hopes in man kind,
4 yo blondie freestyled to her dad gone in time.

Miseducated they’ve been lying to me.
The place I call home ain’t back callin me.
Too many slaves of dead presidency.
Thousands for the head of the president, see ?

Money Is Time, but Time Ain’t Money

Excuse me mr, I can’t make a dollar of what can’t make sens
and i feel like you’ve tried to block me in your fence.


7. Untld ft Rony Appadoo

Sacrifice your nights
for a piece of dawn paradise.
Rastaman come on stage to rip off the mic.

I mean, have you seen on the screen
How mean we seem ?
Because we choose to refuse
to follow those who abuse.

I am fighter my weapon is my stilo,
I write about what’s surounding my people.
When I Stand up, I kick it all.
I make sure to steel it all, so we feel it all.

I can freestyle on a beat box,
When millionnairs die they become rich rocks.
You are born, grown and dead into fit boxes.
So we inhale the bong and exhale head aches.

The media is leading the war for your mind,
They dispear the people with hate and lies.
We, as a people, should learn to learn from our past.
Exchange egovanity, only the strength of balance shall last.

I hate ignorance and love life when educated,
I wonder if the bible is not overrated.

Is it a crime to love your mind, and willing to open your eyes?
Is it a crime to stand up for the right, to help people getting wise.
The healing of the nation, is a product of corruption,
And it’s the governors that benefits from this temptation.

Is it a crime to dance, laugh and spread love around,
Is it a crime if I don’t fuck with any one around.
Your drunksters fighting with bear arms and weapons
Are nothing but the produc of the system’s creation.

As feel the doom mood i’m walking on the moon.
Rafiki comes strong to fix it all soon.
All the people i look up to went down to earth
Way before the earth sees my own birth.


Who Is Rafiki

Yo, my name’s Rafiki, two personnality.
I’ve always wonder wich one is me.

Hip for the african open-eye, Hop for the mouvement.
It relate societies lies, it might be violent.
But when it turns to hope and love, it stays consistent,
Art’s like religions is more of what you make of the content.

All of them might not agree, but I’ll stay persistent,
The relovution finds its way through for resistence.
What’s the way to let know my descendance of what’s existence ?
Let’s hope my words one day go beyond my competences

We all could waste time, talk about bitches and weed.
But it would be wasting the art, we all need to proceed.
Talking lies is a sin, hating life is a pity.
It’s a disgrace to bring down urban authenticity
What I wan’t deep inside, is the truth of the seed.
I wanna challenge my self, and find a way for my beliefs.
–Chorus :
I wonder, who i am ?
What’s my purpose, why i am ?

My head turned around and searched for answers.
Nowadays I know the truth is more an affair of wonders.
Are we nothing more than chess pawns on a chess board ?
Is it my bad if in front of routine I am bored?
Is it normal to not be afraid of death, to play with it ?
I know life is a ride, I’ll live the full of it.
If I need to ride building to escape, let it be.
If I need to go country out of the trape, let me.

Rafiki’s another soul in a perfect
mathematical equation that reflects
All the societies’ aspects.
I’m just one more that’s affected
By negativity each time it’s hitting.

Perfection is ugly, beauty is un perfected,
We live in a world where people die from waiting.
I use to write song for my self, until that,
I realised no man should die with his idea.

Jerusalem’ in my mind, i’m on pilgrimage.
Jerusalem is much like myself, haunted by it’s past.
Here I am, walking in an empty desert searching for sages.
Here I am, on a journey that will last.

On every section, you get to choose,
Between good and bad, it’s all up to you.
Hate needs a conflict to exist,
Love teachs you to resist and coexist.


Holy Spirit is the human mind, gifted the toughts.

Go deep enough into your self, you’ll find a world
where angels give a baby to virgin, joy to innocence.
You’ll get your own soul in a deep state of conscience.

Son is your body, take care of him and you’ll feel,
The satisfaction you get after learning to heal.
It’s the physical metaphore experience it self,
It’s the reason I should have much more books on my shelf.

Now Dad, is the concept, the relationship between earth
and the methaphysical. Conscience’s of his greatest worth.
Realising, we are one, god’s in all of us,
leads you to the question haunting our existence.

He we are, to experience, to learn from others,
then once things done, we go ahead in state of masters.
If this includes death, then it’s just a step,
nothing of an end, you just need to get that aspect.


I Wrote You A Letter

And so I wrote a letter.
I got too much things to say,
I lift up the adventure,
And give up yestedary.

Got the feeling we’ve been pulled down,
To now been thrown high in the sky.
Because a trampoline is always fair,
The feeling is in the air, my friend.

They are colors we can not see,
They are words we can not hear,
I’m on a journey seeking the mystic,
Why would I ever keep it static ?!

We got to fight for unity,
The gods told me so, I’ve read the prophecies.
A flying star joins two eternity,
It’s all written down there, O can’t you see ?

I wrote you a letter x…
Healing begins with the spirit
Triggles down to the thoughts
Wich manifest themselves physically


Healings and Evolution

Back in the days I use to follow steps,
Such is life said momma, historycally blind, blindly fed.
Everyone seems unanimously sure about it,
I guess none were strong enough to admit.

But then I still remember the feeling in my stomach,
Now I have the vision of desilusion but then back.
Couldn’t hold the change, the appeal was too strange.
Accept to die, to be born again, is a step ahead.

Couldn’t know what to do, but knew what not to.
Lost between creating a man, and killing the old one though.
Cause Freedom ain’t free, it’s a fight to obtain.
Free falling in love, where there’s none, can u feel the pain?

Sacrifice security cause in love with liberty.
Died from within to embrace infinity.
I understood, too soon to be fooled what they expect from me,
Months awoken needed for me and them to accept who i’ll be.


But then, it’s all about evolution.
It’s all about healings, and evolution.

Being anti-shit is cool, but i wanted to build.
I drown my hate in the lake, and climbed the tree in the field.
I now had a past, and a future to create.
The present’s my foundation, Now is the time to relate.

I started dreaming again, became lucid about it.
Grew dreadlocks mane, Kailash mount I am here to climb it.
I already droped up from school, thoughts are not to be ruled.
Can’t be fooled, they fouled, i’ll higher they thought i would.

I saw a King within me, not dumb enough to name him.
Teaching from Now-here or nowhere, isn’t it the same ?
Started learning from him, his voice harmonates like violins
After the violence, always hear the moment of silence.

I seeked it around, I knew it was floating somehow,
Experimenting life as a whole, nothing more than the now.
Listening the voices we all hear got me lifted,
Enjoying the shift, cause the whole world is drifting.


Nowadays I try to see the needs, Indeed,
The world is full of order followers, who give the lead ?
We need healers, we need believers, We need teachers.
We need passion for the causes we defend in the future.

We need to let go the ego, educate the people.
If the leader don’t follow make them illegal.
A society’s mark of success is it’s ability,
to proceed without law’s and forced authority.