September Announcement : « Who Is Rafiki » & Tour Updates

• September Announcement •

We are writing you a letter from a little island near Mama Africa. We are currently building an Ark and are searching for people with a positive state of mind to help us with our mission. Healings and evolution are needed to take a little boy called Nicolas to his destination :


The month of September will see the release of  projects from the Baboon and the kamwad seryé :

Who Is Rafiki - the mixtape artwork1

Who Is Rafiki will drop during this month. It will be buyable on Bandcamp, the singles free downloadable on Soundcloud. An artistic expression session based around Hip-Hop, Jazz and Rebel Chants.

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Stream the new Single Video on Youtube by clicking Here

Free Download : Time Ain’t Money (featuring ‘Dovik) – Rafiki

RAFIKI HEALINGS Tour is an overall presentation of the entire stuff happening. Please subscribe to the mailing list to get updated by the time the projects are released.

_Greet Your Healings, Rafiki.